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Linux Installation Instructions

The current distribution package for Linux consists of a .zip archive that unpacks to produce a hierarchy of files as follows:

  ZereneStacker            top level directory 
      ZereneStacker.bsh      launch script 
      ZereneStacker.jar      jar containing the application 
      JREextensions          directory containing numerous .jar files 
      jre                    directory containing a Sun Java Runtime Environment for Linux
                               (32-bit or 64-bit as appropriate)

The launch script ZereneStacker.bsh is written so that the package will run no matter where it is placed. You can launch it from the desktop or a file browser by double-clicking it and confirming either “Run” or “Run in Terminal”. Alternatively, you can execute it from a Terminal window as ZereneStacker/ZereneStacker.bsh (plus whatever path prefix is required to find the ZereneStacker directory).

For your convenience in using the package later, you may also want to create a “launcher” icon that will provide launch by double-click without the confirming dialog. The procedure for doing that depends on what version of Linux and what desktop manager you're using. Some helpful guidance is provided HERE at askubuntu.com.

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