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 ==== Current Beta ==== ==== Current Beta ====
-The current beta release is version **T2018-07-19-1515_beta** (July 192018).+The current beta release is version **T2020-03-22-2054-beta** (March 22, 2020). 
 +Compared to the most recent production version T2019-10-07-1410, this T2020-03-22-2054-beta contains the following improvements:​ 
 +  ​Added ability to have dust/defect mask during stacking. (Specify at Options > Preferences > Preprocessing.) 
 +  ​Added Batch > Slabbing... capability ​(first cutPMax only, hardwired output image specs). 
 +  * Added "​Resets"​ panel to Options > Preferences. 
 +  * Changed default memory allocation to use up to 1/2 of physical memory. 
 +  * User interface 
 +    * Added {numinp} tag in file save template, number of input files selected for stack output. 
 +    * Added {fntodot} tag in file save template, file name of first file selected, to first dot. 
 +    * Reordered main menu bar to better match workflow: File, Stack, Edit versus File, Edit, Stack. 
 +  * Configuration 
 +    * Setting for Options > Preferences > Multiprocessing > number of cores/​processors is now preserved from exit to next launch. 
 +    * Added command line option "​-suppressSaveProperties"​ to prevent writing of zerenstk.cfg on exit. 
 +  * StackShot 
 +    * added configuration file parameters AcquisitionSequencer.HoldingTorque{Low,​High}Precision,​ each with legal values 0-10. 
 +    * StackShot controller window bounds are now retained across exit/​relaunch. 
-This is functionally equivalent to the current production version, T2018-07-19-1515. 
 ==== Current Full Release ==== ==== Current Full Release ====
-The current full release is Build **T2018-07-19-1515** (July 192018).+The current full release is Build **T2019-10-07-1410** (October 72019)
 +Improvements in T2019-08-20-1411 and T2019-08-20-1411-beta:​ 
 +  * Macintosh: compatibility with macOS 10.15 "​Catalina"​ 
 +    * Notarized the standard .zip bundle so as to avoid issues with Gatekeeper. 
 +    * Introduced a notarized .pkg installer to easily and automatically install in Applications. 
 +    * Switched to Java Cross-Platform look-and-feel,​ for improved performance. 
 +    * Faster automatic switch to JFileChooser if system native filechooser (Finder) does not open. 
 +    * Diagnose issue with macOS Catalina (10.15) not allowing use of native filechooser. 
 +  * User interface: Added {project} tag in depth maps folder path to allow project-relative placement. 
 +  * Bug fixes 
 +    * “Fit window” was not being preserved as an image scale from exit to next launch. 
 +    * Avoid invalid index using Nearest Neighbor interpolator in "edge streak"​ areas. 
 +    * Automatically fall back to external TIFF reader in case of "​Unexpected count..."​ and related javax.imageio.IIOExceptions. 
 +    * Attempt to prevent host operating system from deleting projects in "​temp"​ folders that are actually in use. 
 +    * Avoid exceptions caused by switching source files while canceling or committing retouching. 
 +    * StackShot 3x, activate Shutter 2 in addition to Shutter 1.
-Improvements in T2018-07-19-1515 and T2018-07-19-1515_beta+  * Embedded JRE 
 +    * Upgraded to AdoptOpenJDK JRE 12.0.1+12 on all 64-bit platforms and 32-bit Windows. 
 +Improvements in **T2018-07-19-1515** and **T2018-07-19-1515_beta**
   * Bug fix:   * Bug fix:
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