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Zerene Stacker Beta Testing Downloads

Looking for an explanation of how our “beta channel” works? See HERE for an explanation.

Note: Because these beta versions are downloaded relatively few times, they are sometimes not recognized as known good software by anti-malware packages. You may have to override your anti-malware's behavior of refusing to run unrecognized software.

If you have other security concerns about the beta installers, please see How To Validate A Download.

Current beta is:

  • Mac OS X (newest): ZS-MacOSX-SA-T2020-03-22-2054-beta.zip, downloads as a .zip file that automatically expands into an application bundle named ZereneStacker (.app).
    This is the recommended bundle for modern Macs running macOS 10.14 or above. It is self-contained and includes its own Java 12 runtime environment.
    Length 52,887,773 bytes
    MD5 checksum d255ed813212a52799bb9ad744ecf023
    SHA-1 checksum d86ec1277266e12e041e4a499bfbaf5a47141e9e
  • Mac OS X (interim): ZS-MacOSXinterim-SA-T2020-03-22-2054-beta.zip, downloads as a .zip file that automatically expands into an application bundle named ZereneStacker (.app).
    This bundle is suitable for Macs running macOS 10.9 through 10.14. It is self-contained and includes its own Java 12 runtime environment.
    Length 52,332,831 bytes
    MD5 checksum d709f0a6c2f85066fce149416fac3942
    SHA-1 checksum fb162be64b6931f9fdc3461b0c604229cf92eb6c
  • Mac OS X (old): ZS-MacOSXold-SA-T2020-03-22-2054-beta.zip, downloads as an application bundle named ZereneStacker (.app).
    This bundle is not self-contained. It requires a Java runtime environment installed by Apple, and will prompt for installation of Java if one is not already installed. It runs as 64-bit where the processor and operating system support it, and as 32-bit otherwise.
    Length 8,605,299 bytes
    MD5 checksum 3e8b09f7e1131146744b7e87be7e8fdf
    SHA-1 checksum d8cc2f4083654591e33b9f034386b5637efa17ba

Note: On Macintosh and Linux, if you already have Zerene Stacker installed and are downloading a new version to update it, then you need to manually move the old version to trash, and move or rename the new version to replace it. Otherwise both versions will continue to be available, and you will run whichever one you happen to click on. For further information, see the FAQS on “Installing and Updating”. On Mac, when trashing out the old version, do NOT allow any third party uninstaller or cleanup applications like “AppCleaner” to run. In their enthusiasm to eliminate files that they think are not used, they're likely to also delete files you really do need, like your license key and Zerene Stacker configuration files.


Compared to the most recent production version T2019-10-07-1410, this T2020-03-22-2054-beta contains the following improvements:

  • Added “Resets” panel to Options > Preferences.
  • Changed default memory allocation to use up to 1/2 of physical memory.
  • User interface
    • Added {numinp} tag in file save template, number of input files selected for stack output.
    • Added {fntodot} tag in file save template, file name of first file selected, to first dot.
    • Reordered main menu bar to better match workflow: File, Stack, Edit versus File, Edit, Stack.
  • Configuration
    • Setting for Options > Preferences > Multiprocessing > number of cores/processors is now preserved from exit to next launch.
    • Added command line option ”-suppressSaveProperties” to prevent writing of zerenstk.cfg on exit.
  • StackShot
    • added configuration file parameters AcquisitionSequencer.HoldingTorque{Low,High}Precision, each with legal values 0-10.
    • StackShot controller window bounds are now retained across exit/relaunch.

Compared to the still heavily used production version T2018-07-19-1515, this beta also contains the following improvements:

  • User interface: Added {project} tag in depth maps folder path to allow project-relative placement.
  • Bug fix: “Fit window” was not being preserved as an image scale from exit to next launch.
  • Macintosh
    • Compatibility with macOS 10.15 “Catalina”
      • Notarized the standard .zip bundle so as to avoid issues with Gatekeeper.
      • Built a notarized .pkg installer to automatically install in Applications (available only by request)
    • Switched to Java Cross-Platform look-and-feel, for improved performance.
  • User interface
    • Allow .zsy files to appear in Input Files list.
    • Added configuration file option to suppress warning about “not yet completely aligned”,
  • Bug fixes
    • Avoid invalid index using Nearest Neighbor interpolator in “edge streak” areas.
    • Automatically fall back to external TIFF reader in case of “Unexpected count…” and related javax.imageio.IIOExceptions.
    • Attempt to prevent host operating system from deleting “temp” projects that are actually in use.
    • Avoid exceptions caused by switching source files while canceling or committing retouching.
    • Avoid exception caused by edit-undo while canceling or committing retouching.
    • StackShot 3x, activate Shutter 2 in addition to Shutter 1.
  • Embedded JRE
    • Upgraded to AdoptOpenJDK JRE 12.0.1+12 on all 64-bit platforms and 32-bit Windows.

Please immediately inform support@zerenesystems.com if you encounter any difficulties or odd behavior with this beta version. Be sure to send a console log if appropriate – instructions for that are provided HERE.

A complete list of modifications can be read in the Modification History.

Previous beta was:

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