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Zerene Stacker Downloads

Note: Users of macOS Catalina should download Zerene Stacker from our Betas page.

Downloads of Zerene Stacker are the initial download or free update for licensed users, or a 30-day free trial for new users.

There is really only one version of the software. With no license key installed, it runs in time-limited trial mode. Installing a license key unlocks features for unlimited use.

Note: Due to its relatively small distribution, Zerene Stacker is sometimes identified by malware protection software as “untrusted”. We have also seen a small but increasing number of false-positive indications where a Zerene Stacker installer was erroneously identified as containing some sort of malware. If you have any difficulties with installation, or any security concerns about the installers, please see How To Validate A Download and/or contact support@zerenesystems.com for help.

The current production version of Zerene Stacker is Build T2018-07-19-1515 (July 19, 2018), as follows:

  • Mac OS X: ZS-MacOSX-SA-T2018-07-19-1515.zip, downloads as an application bundle named ZereneStacker (.app).
    This is the recommended bundle for modern Macs. It is self-contained and includes its own Java 10 runtime environment, which will be used with Mac OS X 10.7.3 and above. With older versions of Mac OS X, it will use whatever /usr/bin/java is already installed on the computer, but will not request installation of Java if none is currently available. This bundle requires 64-bit Mac OS X.
    Length 86,739,446 bytes
    MD5 checksum 9a5b73beb4fcac866c918c2af445fc55
    SHA-1 checksum a8da0778ea183ef2a3b298b8355a1a3f05411052
  • Mac OS X (old): ZS-MacOSXold-SA-T2018-07-19-1515.zip, downloads as an application bundle named ZereneStacker (.app).
    This bundle is not self-contained. It requires a Java runtime environment installed by Apple, and will prompt for installation of Java if one is not already installed. It runs as 64-bit where the processor and operating system support it, and as 32-bit otherwise.
    Length 8,581,374 bytes
    MD5 checksum f6ee36eff67bf60a703d4deffaef0c5e
    SHA-1 checksum 8047394c1cd1ecf4adfe8a4df1cc6956f3eb383a

See the modification history for description of changes.

The most current beta testing version can be downloaded HERE.

Previous production versions are still available in the downloads archive.

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