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Zerene Systems Privacy Policy

Version 2.0, May 12, 2018

Zerene Systems respects each individual's right to personal privacy. Our goal is to behave above and beyond the intent of the 2018 European GDPR.

Our policy is simple: we do not track or use your personal information for marketing purposes, and we will not sell or otherwise release information to any other entity, for any reason, unless required by law or to complete a transaction initiated by a customer.

We do collect certain personal information through our web site and products, as needed to maintain the integrity of our business and to provide services to consumers. This information is collected and used as described below.

Personal information is collected through email sent to us by consumers, and by various web forms when a license is purchased. To receive our products and services, some personal information is mandatory because it is used for licensing purposes and for communication with the customer. Any other information we request is optional. This information will be stored indefinitely unless the consumer specifically asks us to delete it.

For all visitors to our web site, the web server collects the IP address of the visiting machine, date and time, the type of browser, and the pages visited or files downloaded. This information is occasionally aggregated and examined to determine geographic distributions and website usage. We do not associate it with an individual.

For users of the Zerene Stacker software, we may collect the IP address of the executing machine, the Zerene Stacker version number, and license key information for the software being executed. This information is used for piracy protection and is required by the standard terms and conditions of the software license.

We may also collect statistical summaries regarding software actions and computer characteristics. This information is optional and is used to improve program performance and capabilities.

Zerene Systems does not provide forums, message boards, or any other mechanism for users to post personal information for public view.

Our website's content management software asks the user's browser to store one cookie that contains a random session ID, which is not retained between sessions. To prevent the browser from ever storing the ID at all, browser settings can be used to block cookies from zerenesystems.com, without loss of functionality.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, please contact us by sending an email to support@zerenesystems.com or by sending physical mail to Privacy, Zerene Systems LLC, 629 Cherrywood Loop, Richland WA 99354, USA.

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