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Zerene Stacker — Purchasing Licenses

We're glad to hear your free trial went well and now you want to buy a license!

Four main types of licenses are available: Professional, Prosumer, Personal, and Student. They vary in how you’re permitted to use the program and what features are provided.

See HERE for a complete list of the differences between licenses.

Here is a quick summary:

Professional Edition is for people who use Zerene Stacker to make money or carry out funded activities. You need Professional Edition to use Zerene Stacker in support of a corporation, government agency, museum, and so on, or to make images for sale. Professional Edition also provides access to the software's most advanced technical features and extended access to our support staff.

Prosumer Edition is our flagship product for non-professional users and their families. It includes the advanced technical features from Professional Edition, but at a reduced price for advanced consumers.

Personal Edition is our entry-level product. It contains all the features needed for basic applications, plus free trials of the advanced Pro-only features.

Student Edition is for individuals enrolled in a degree- or certificate-granting program at an accredited institution. It provides the same technical features as Personal Edition, but at a reduced price for students only.

For exact terms and conditions, please read the License Terms.

To order a Zerene Stacker license, click one of these links. Note that these prices are a one-time cost. There are no periodic charges.

Final price will add applicable taxes depending on location.

After making your purchase, you will receive by email a license key and instructions for installing it. The license key simply plugs into the free trial software to remove the time limitation. It does not require loading any new software or resetting any program options.

When you order, please be aware that the first and last name you provide will become part of the license and will be displayed in the splash screen and title bar when Zerene Stacker is run. If you intend to use the Professional Edition with multiple users, then it is better to specify an organization or workgroup name instead of an individual person’s name.

Questions? Following are the answers to some common questions about purchasing.

What are those “Zerene Stacker” things I see on shareware sites? Some of them are offering really good prices! Simple – those are pirated versions posted out by people who want to steal your money and infect your machine with malware. They contain enough chunks of the real Zerene Stacker to fool anybody, and they link back to Zerene Systems’ web site so they look legitimate. But contrary to what the “shareware” sites may tell you, the versions that they offer contain stolen keys, are NOT full functionality, are not eligible for future upgrades, and may even come equipped with malware added by the pirates for their own purposes. If you send them money, you lose it. The only versions of Zerene Stacker that we can stand behind are the ones you download from Zerene Systems’ own web site, and licenses purchased through us and our authorized resellers such as FastSpring.

Why do the purchase links lead to fastspring.com? Zerene Systems uses a company named FastSpring to provide secure ordering facilities. You tell FastSpring what Zerene Stacker license you want, and give them your contact and payment information. FastSpring validates the payment, then sends your contact information to an automated server at Zerene Systems to generate a personalized license key. The license key and instructions for installing it are sent to you by email. Normally this happens immediately. In some cases FastSpring may delay your order for a couple of hours while they have a human take a look at it. Once your order is completed, FastSpring is out of the loop and you’re back to dealing with Zerene Systems. FastSpring just handles the money, Zerene Systems supports the software.

Do licenses expire? All licenses except Student Edition never expire, and you never have to contact Zerene Systems when you upgrade or replace your computer – just use the same license and keep on working. The Student Edition license terms apply for as long as you’re a student, after which you’ll need to upgrade to a Personal, Prosumer, or Professional Edition.

How do I upgrade a license to a different Edition? The exact steps vary depending on circumstances. Just send us an email telling us what you have and what you need, and we’ll take it from there. Pricing for an upgrade is just the difference in purchase prices, for example $50 to upgrade from Student to Personal, $100 from Personal to Prosumer, $100 from Prosumer to Professional.

I have two types of computers; do I need two keys? No, the same key works on all types of computers and all supported versions of the operating systems.

Are program updates free? Yes, updates are free. We've been issuing free updates ever since Zerene Stacker was first sold, back in 2009. We have no plans to change that policy. It's so much simpler and more pleasant when everybody can just use the same current version.

If it doesn't work, can I get a refund? Sure, but why go to so much trouble? The 30-day free trial is fully functional and has no restrictions. Just check it out first, to make sure it works in your environment and for your application.

What is Zerene Systems’ privacy policy? It’s spelled out in detail here. The summary is that Zerene Systems doesn’t share your contact information with anyone, and we don't market by email.

Other Questions? We’ll be happy to answer them! Please contact support@zerenesystems.com.

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